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Prom Limo Transportation

Going to prom is very important to every senior student. They get to dress up, express themselves, interact, party and have fun. Prom is a right of passage that introduces teenagers to adulthood. Whether you have a date or not, you should uniquely celebrate the milestone with your friends. 

A limo ride is an excellent option to get to the party in style. In addition to the best high school memories, our limos are clean and well maintained to provide maximum safety for everyone. Consider the group size; you can rent a limo bus for a large group. 


We have several limousines such as stretch limos, exotic limos, sedans, SUV limos, limo buses and vintage limos. 

Limo buses: they can accommodate up to 50 passengers. We will take care of your large group without too much hassle while you have fun. Limo buses include shuttle buses and party coaches.

Stretch limousines: are preferred for a large group of up to 15 people. We have the latest models for a luxurious experience.

Vintage limousines: Our fleet has some unique vintage to give a touch of class and elegance. Renting a vintage limo for your prom date will provide you with the impression that you care and keep everyone talking. 

Our vehicles are fitted with amenities such as;

  • A plasma TV
  • Video player
  • Charging ports
  • Quality LED lighting
  • AM/FM stereo
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Air conditioning unit


When booking for any event, the trick is to make a reservation early to get the perfect car from our fleet. An early reservation means you don’t miss limousines with the amenities you need. Prom happens almost at the same time in Princeton; therefore, the booking rate is high during that time. Look around and get quotes starting from 4-6 weeks to the event.

 Budgeting for prom can be quite expensive; you have to include dresses, accessories, tuxedos, flower corsage and renting a limo itself. We offer good discounts on our prom packages to ensure you don’t get strained. Our team will work within your budget to give your needs a favorable package. We also have customized limo packages to make the event a success. Remember, the price of the package will depend on the kind of amenities you require, the group size and the type of limo. 


Safety is one of our greatest priorities. Our vehicles are insured and undergo regular maintenance to rule out any mechanical issues. We assure clean and non-problematic cars. Our chauffeurs will pick you up and get you to your destination safely. They are familiar with the safe routes even when driving at night. They are also highly trained to stay focused on the job, so you don’t have to worry about safety. Transportation can be done from door to door to the destination and back home. 


High school students are full of ideas, and with that, they want to show off and be the talk of the town. They strive to make the best out of the prom experience.

  •  The prom theme is- what determines how fun it will be. The organizers have to be creative to give their best. A unique theme gives the ideas on the kind of decoration you will have. Our team doesn’t fail when decorating the limousines; they go all out. 
  • A red carpet- experience is a traditional way of showing up in style. We will organize a clean red carpet when entering and leaving the limo. Our chauffeur will open the door and welcome you as you go in and out. Make a special arrangement if you need refreshments as you walk down the red carpet. To make it more luxurious, you can invite a photographer to capture the red carpet moments where you pose and show off your outfit. 
  • A masquerade party- has always been the thing. You will never go wrong with the masks. Everyone gets to flex their masks that match the outfit. 
  • A Dance party- prom entertainment is everything. You can get it started by having a dance party in a limousine before joining the rest. Our limos have a spacious dance floor that can accommodate everyone. The sound system is just what you need; you can play music from your phone by Bluetooth connection. We have charging ports in the limousine and enough air conditioning. A limo with an excellent A/C unit will keep your makeup intact while you get a cool breeze enjoying the ride. 

We will make your prom night memorable at Princeton taxi cab and limo service. Trust our chauffeurs to keep you safe and show up on time. If you are looking for prom limo services in the Princeton area, look no further. 

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